Monday, 25 March 2013

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Friday, 22 March 2013

Discover How to Get the Best Deal When Booking a Hotel

malpais hotels
Discover how you can get the best rates and amenities possible when booking a Malpais hotel. Most people have no idea that different guests occupying exact rooms pay different rates. Here’s how to make sure you get the best price.

Major travel sites offer hotel deals

Make sure you check out sites like Priceline,, and Travelocity for deals. For quick results, do some comparison shopping. and Tripmama allows you to compare hotels within their site. Just tick the boxes next to the hotels you’re interested in. Hit the compare button and you get a side by side comparison of hotel rates.

Don’t forget about hotel Search Engines

Santa Teresa Hotels

These sites are very popular among travelers and allow you to search hundreds of different websites in a snap. They post the lowest rates available so you can easily decide which hotel rates suit your budget. These hotel search engines are convenient and are a great time and money saver.

Call the hotel directly

Tell the front desk you’re interested in a good deal while you stay at their establishment. Ask for information on discounts where you might qualify like government rates, senior rates, or automobile association rates. Most hotel staff are accommodating and go out of their way to accommodate you.

Walk-in guest? Negotiate your rate!

Hotels welcome walk-in guests. These are guests who have no prior hotel reservation and who may need a room for a night or more. Any hotel would hate to see you walk out the door and are usually ready for some negotiation on rates. Be polite and ask the front desk to give you the best deal they can. Chances are good that they’ll lower published rates for you.

Flexible schedule? Try booking mid-week

Mid-week is generally a slow time for hotels. If your schedule is flexible, you pay lower room rates if you book on weekdays. Hotels are usually fully booked on weekends and guests sometimes pay a premium for their stay. You get to enjoy the establishment’s facilities like the gym and pool more as there are fewer people around.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Top Three Interesting Facts about Costa Rica

Malpais Beach

Thinking of your next travel destination? 

Costa Rica is one of the top countries to visit on every travellers list. It’s an exotic paradise set in Central America that’s sure to astound you in many ways. Get acquainted with Costa Rica even before you set foot in this country through these three interesting facts.

1. Costa Rica is rich in natural beauty. The views are staggering with its varied landscapes. Stretches of sandy beaches soothes the senses. The waters are a cool inviting azure and waves are absolutely breathtaking. There is an abundance of lush local flora and teeming fauna to be found in Costa Rica. From toucans to howler monkeys, these easy-to-spot local wildlife is sure to capture your attention.

2. Costa Rica is a peaceful oasis in a region rife with tumult. This country observes peaceful, unarmed democracy. Its local population, the Ticos (Costa Ricans) are known for their self-contented lifestyles and passivity when it comes to politics. Beneath the Ticos seemingly relaxed facade however, one can see a fierce burning pride for their country. Thanks to tourism, Costa Rica has risen through poverty in the past 50 years with less than 20% of Ticos living below the poverty line. The slow pace and languid lifestyle of this country will easily lull you to relax and put your cares away.

3. Costa Rica offers boundless experiences for any traveller. From hiking, surfing, and snorkeling  you can easily find yourself spotting wildlife and cruising the cloud forest all in the same day. You can choose to laze and lounge on the beaches or if you feel adventurous, schedule a trek on an active volcano. An adrenaline junky? No problem, try the hundreds of meters long zipline, hang ten as you surf perfect wave, name your rush and Costa Rica delivers.

It’s no wonder that over 1.5 million visitors travel to the Switzerland of Central America annually. 

If you plan to travel in Costa Rica check out

Sunday, 13 January 2013

3 Tips in Finding the Best Travel Deals

Cheap travel deals
For a seasoned traveler, the secret to a successful vacation planning should consist of comparing prices of tickets , hotels ,destination and packages online  while choosing  to   travel during the off peak season.

Monday, 26 November 2012

London's Hidden Gems

London might be one of the most famous cities in all the world, but that doesn’t mean you know every single one of its top spots.

Image Source

While there are some tourist attractions that even those who haven’t ever visited London will know of (think the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace etc), there are a number of highly interesting places that most tourists won’t ever think about visiting.

Assuming that you’re thinking of visiting London in the near future and want to think outside the box a little, let’s have a look at some lesser known attractions that might float your boat.

First off, how about the Horniman Museum and Gardens? Situated in South London’s Forest Hill, this fantastic attraction is full of exhibits that are sure to prove a hit with all members of the family. It’s got everything from an aquarium and a stuffed walrus to instruments dating back several hundred years, and best of all it’s free! You can’t ask for much more than that for an educational day out.

If you’re looking for somewhere you can just switch off and enjoy your surroundings however, then head to Primrose Hill, on the north side of Regent’s Park. Offering perhaps the best view of central London you can get in a relatively quiet environment, it’s one of the best places to escape the hustle and bustle of London and enjoy some relaxation time!

Temple Church is one of London’s most famous sights, yet it doesn’t receive nearly as many visitors as it really should. Built by the Knights Templar in the 12th Century, and featured in Dan Brown’s novel the Da Vinci Code and its big screen adaptation, it was built to resemble Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and as such is truly a sight to take in.

Another reminder of London’s past is the Brixton Windmill. Looking rather out of place in such a modern city, the Windmill stands as a reminder of London’s pastoral heritage, and is a great attraction to visit. It’s only open at weekends between April and October though, so depending on when you’re visiting you might not be able to take it in.

Finally, anyone with an interest in the arts should take in the Dulwich Picture Gallery. When it was designed by Sir John Soane in 1817 it was England’s first purpose-built public art gallery, however nowadays it’s often sadly overlooked in favour of attractions like the National Gallery and Tate Modern. Quite why more people don’t visit it is a mystery though – it features paintings by the likes of Rembrandt, Rubens and Van Dyck as well as several differing exhibitions throughout the year, and there are plenty of cheap hotels in the area.

There’s no denying that London is one of the world’s greatest cities, and any visit there is sure to delight. If you really want to have one up on the millions of visitors to the city every year, take in one of the above as well as the usual tourist fare. You’ll be glad you did!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Money Saving Tips for Holiday Travel

Holiday Travel

Holiday means clogged streets, overcrowded ports, and of course, spending a lot of money. Thanksgiving is the best time for families to get together. Celebrating this season with your family would make you spend money for your trip towards home and of course, food.

First and foremost, you could save a lot on your trip if you book your tickets early. Aside from getting discounts, you’re sure that you can get home on time. You know how tickets get to be sold out during holidays, right?

If you are planning to have a vacation trip on thanksgiving, travel agencies are always open for your desired trip. Travelling on your own could mean spending more money while agencies could give you discounts plus, you will have your itinerary so you won’t have to worry. And here’s the catch, if you get to book your most awaited vacation early, you might get a big discount, up to 50%. So, if you’re given such discount, why not bring the entire family? You’ll enjoy so much for sure.

Holiday Travel Savings

Holiday seasons are also the season of discounts. Resorts, spa, department stores, etc., they offer big discounts that limited for the season. Some resorts, camping sites, and parks would even offer free entrance fee for kids. Grab the opportunity of the holiday discounts; it will surely save you some cash for the snacks with your kids.

The price of car rentals during holidays increases. Have a reservation before the holidays, otherwise, you’ll have to choose between travelling before or after the holidays or spend a little higher than what is supposed to be spent. You don’t want to disappoint your friends or family just because of the car rental price, right?

Off Peak Travel

Off-peak season vacations will actually give you a huge discount. Knowing that the holiday is over or has yet to come, the cost of travelling is still at its lowest. Early booking would still give you discounts even if the price is already at its lowest. So plan early to get discounts.

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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Holiday with Kids in Austin Texas

Things to Do With Kids in Austin

Austin, Texas has many things to offer to its visitors as well as for its citizens. Being the center of Texas, attractions are to be expected to be at its finest in here. You don’t need to spend a lot for kids to be pleased, a cone of ice cream would even do the trick. Here are some attractions that you could bring your kids to for a treat. Enjoy the tour!

Austin  Zoo

Kids would always love to watch animal shows on TV. Why not treat them to the zoo? Aside from seeing the animals that they want, they could learn some other things. Zoos were not meant for sightseeing only, you know that. It also gives awareness to both your kids and you about the conditions of some animals with regard to its worldwide population.

Barton Springs

Kids always want to go on swimming. Packed with their very own swimsuits and trunks, they won’t mind traveling a couple of hours just to enjoy the natural spring. A couple of improvements were made to give more safety to its visitors. Be reminded that don’t let the kids swim alone.

Texas State Capitol

A walk with your kids on the State Capitol would give them information of how they should be proud of their state and be at awe. You know how kids love to see tall buildings; they’d wish they were giants.

State History Museum

Who doesn't like stuffed animals, arts, and an educational tour? Kids will surely appreciate a tour on the museum. They will always look for something that interests them. You too will enjoy the tour and will be educated.

Longhorn Caverns

Kids love adventures. Visiting the caverns on summer would be great to escape the heat. Aside from hiking up the hills, you’ll be the coolest mom or dad for your kid. You know how they appreciate nature and adventures, right?

Austin Lake

Catching a fish would mean so much for a kid. It’s like they’d celebrate for catching a small fish. The lake is always the best spot for fishing, especially when with you are with your family. You could also enjoy canoeing, diving, windsurfing, and swimming on the lake.

Ice Cream Festival

Sweet tooth! Even adults still has it. Candies, cakes, and chocolates are just some of the foods that kids would like to have. How much more with ice creams? Ice creams could even bring the family together on the table.

Chuy's Christmas Parade

This parade features giant balloons, floats, classic cars, marching band, and the most admired figure during this season, Santa Claus. Imagine the happiness and enjoyment you could give to your kids if you bring them here. It’s like the happiest day of their life. Old toys will be your entrance pass.

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