Saturday, 9 February 2013

Top Three Interesting Facts about Costa Rica

Malpais Beach

Thinking of your next travel destination? 

Costa Rica is one of the top countries to visit on every travellers list. It’s an exotic paradise set in Central America that’s sure to astound you in many ways. Get acquainted with Costa Rica even before you set foot in this country through these three interesting facts.

1. Costa Rica is rich in natural beauty. The views are staggering with its varied landscapes. Stretches of sandy beaches soothes the senses. The waters are a cool inviting azure and waves are absolutely breathtaking. There is an abundance of lush local flora and teeming fauna to be found in Costa Rica. From toucans to howler monkeys, these easy-to-spot local wildlife is sure to capture your attention.

2. Costa Rica is a peaceful oasis in a region rife with tumult. This country observes peaceful, unarmed democracy. Its local population, the Ticos (Costa Ricans) are known for their self-contented lifestyles and passivity when it comes to politics. Beneath the Ticos seemingly relaxed facade however, one can see a fierce burning pride for their country. Thanks to tourism, Costa Rica has risen through poverty in the past 50 years with less than 20% of Ticos living below the poverty line. The slow pace and languid lifestyle of this country will easily lull you to relax and put your cares away.

3. Costa Rica offers boundless experiences for any traveller. From hiking, surfing, and snorkeling  you can easily find yourself spotting wildlife and cruising the cloud forest all in the same day. You can choose to laze and lounge on the beaches or if you feel adventurous, schedule a trek on an active volcano. An adrenaline junky? No problem, try the hundreds of meters long zipline, hang ten as you surf perfect wave, name your rush and Costa Rica delivers.

It’s no wonder that over 1.5 million visitors travel to the Switzerland of Central America annually. 

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