Friday, 22 March 2013

Discover How to Get the Best Deal When Booking a Hotel

malpais hotels
Discover how you can get the best rates and amenities possible when booking a Malpais hotel. Most people have no idea that different guests occupying exact rooms pay different rates. Here’s how to make sure you get the best price.

Major travel sites offer hotel deals

Make sure you check out sites like Priceline,, and Travelocity for deals. For quick results, do some comparison shopping. and Tripmama allows you to compare hotels within their site. Just tick the boxes next to the hotels you’re interested in. Hit the compare button and you get a side by side comparison of hotel rates.

Don’t forget about hotel Search Engines

Santa Teresa Hotels

These sites are very popular among travelers and allow you to search hundreds of different websites in a snap. They post the lowest rates available so you can easily decide which hotel rates suit your budget. These hotel search engines are convenient and are a great time and money saver.

Call the hotel directly

Tell the front desk you’re interested in a good deal while you stay at their establishment. Ask for information on discounts where you might qualify like government rates, senior rates, or automobile association rates. Most hotel staff are accommodating and go out of their way to accommodate you.

Walk-in guest? Negotiate your rate!

Hotels welcome walk-in guests. These are guests who have no prior hotel reservation and who may need a room for a night or more. Any hotel would hate to see you walk out the door and are usually ready for some negotiation on rates. Be polite and ask the front desk to give you the best deal they can. Chances are good that they’ll lower published rates for you.

Flexible schedule? Try booking mid-week

Mid-week is generally a slow time for hotels. If your schedule is flexible, you pay lower room rates if you book on weekdays. Hotels are usually fully booked on weekends and guests sometimes pay a premium for their stay. You get to enjoy the establishment’s facilities like the gym and pool more as there are fewer people around.

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