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Top Rated Tex-Mex Restaurants Dallas Texas

Dallas' Top Rated Tex-Mex Restaurants plays a big role in the Texas food landscape. Signature dishes from different Texas restaurants are always on the top of the list. Mexican restaurants are all over Dallas but here are the toppers for Tex-Mex eateries.

 Pepe & Mito's

  Dishes that are served here are mainly more of the Mexican than Texan. If ever you want to celebrate your nightlife with your girlfriends and best buds, have it here. Unlike other restaurants, the setting of this restaurant is suitable for nightlife. The atmosphere is lit to support the ambiance that the customers are comfortable with. Spinach and Mushroom Enchiladas are just two of their specialties but many other dishes are served. Just take the menu and choose from different mouthwatering dishes.

Matt's Rancho Martinez 

Running for six generations, traditional Tex-Mex dishes are served here. This restaurant is famous for the hospitality given to their customers and legendary chefs and owners. Granted with several awards, this restaurant serves its customers with the highest quality of food. Everyone who loves fried steak coupled with exquisite drinks would choose to eat here. Foot-long enchiladas and decent fajitas are also on their top sellers. 

Mia's Tacos

Mia's Looking for a high class Tex-Mex dish? Have it in Mia’s. Celebrities and cowboys are always longing to have a taste of the exquisite dishes here. Hot pink walls would give a vibrant ambiance and would add excitement as you wait to have a taste of your most awaited dish. Customers would tend to come back from time to time together with their family, friends, or special someone.

 Avila's El Ranchito

 Avila's Awarded as the Best Mexican and Best Meatless Enchiladas, no doubt, this restaurant is one of the top Tex-Mex restaurants. Sunday specialties include menudo and lengua, prepared with fresh and fine ingredients. After you finish your dish, I bet you will ask for more.


 Herrera's The best burritos of Boston are served here. Authentic Mexican dishes are the pride of Herrera’s. Made of fresh and finest ingredients, no wonder why the dishes of this restaurant are on the toppers. The best Mexican dishes are now in Dallas, thanks to Herrera’s.

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