Sunday, 23 September 2012

Space Shuttle Endeavour Travels for The Last Time

Space Shuttle Endeavour flew 25 times outside the Earth's Orbit  and now it will travel for the last time to Los Angeles, just  like an expat ready to retire in Santa Teresa Malpais Beach Costa Rica but will be house in a museum in California.

After a dramatic parade in California, the workers began removing it from the 747 jumbo jet and to be transferred to a trailer going to the Science Center.

The road trip that begun in October was welcome by protest due to the  cut down of 400 to give way to the 70 lb ton, 50 ft high shuttle with wingspan of 78 feet. The 400 trees will be soon will replaced with 1000 trees by the Science Center.

With all the problems that the Space Shuttle Endeavour travel has encountered, last Friday the citizen came out and receive a heroes welcome.

The people everywhere welcome the Endeavour, from the outside of the capitol to the golden gate bridge and up to the Hollywood sign.

Space Shuttle Endeavour famously known as "baby shuttle" replaced the Challenger when it burst in to flames in 1986, which killed seven astronauts. 

Space Shuttle Endeavour had 25 flight missions and 12 of those flights are for the repair of the space station. Endeavour travelled 123 million miles (198 million km) in distance and has reached 4,671 orbits.

After a momentous tour, the Endeavour touchdown in the Los Angeles Airport (LAX). You can still catch the Endeavour in the LAX until Oct 30 and will be permanently house on the California Science Center.

The transportation cost was about 28 Million dollars which will be shouldered by the Science Center.

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