Sunday, 23 September 2012

Five Money Saving in Your Trip

1. Inquire on Travel Agencies

Whenever discounts are offered online, travel agencies should have the same rate because cruise lines are maintaining their rates strictly. There would be no additional fee to be added because travel agencies already have a commission on the cruise lines itself. These agencies could also help you on choosing which cruise line suits your taste.

2. Search for Promo Tickets

Promo tickets are advertised online any time of the week. Most people think that they are usually available on Tuesday s and Wednesday s only, it’s actually wrong. If clients only search for certain days, they could miss the tickets that have the lowest price on the internet as advertisements could pop at any time, any day of the week and they don’t last long.

3. Early Flight, Less Fare

There are days in the week that airports get less crowded compared to other days; usually, during Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. First flights on these days have a less incidence of delays and could offer you lower prices.

4. Check in as Early as Possible

Early check in can be done from home or on your mobile phone if you have internet connection. Seats are limited on every plane. Though there are only rare incidences, this could still happen to you. Early check in gives you an assurance that you have a reserved seat on your flight.

5. Hotel Discounts

Each Malpais hotel has different policies on their reservation and cancelation of bookings. There are “money back” hotels and there are Santa Teresa hotels that give discount on their clients who pays in advance. Always inquire for the policies of the Costa Rica hotel that you choose with regard to this matter.

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