Monday, 27 August 2012

Top Five Stress Free Travel Tips

Glitches could happen by the time you set your foot on the ride that you need. Preparedness could help yourself not to have these things get on your way and ruin your vacation.

Here are some travel tips that could make your vacation enjoyable and glitch free.

Travel Tip 1: Be Prepared for Customs

As a traveler, you should get into customs earlier than your trip so that you won’t miss your ride. A handy music player could divert your attention while waiting on the customs. Setting your mind on daily activities and not on the vacation as a whole could also help you make through some unwanted incidents that could happened along your way to an enjoyable vacation.


Travel Tip 2: Do not Mess Up with Minor Things
Minor things such as a cheating taxi driver going to Malpais Costa Rica could ruin your entire trip. If this happens to you, just think of the wasted pennies as a tip for the driver. You’ll waste a day of your, supposed to be, happy vacation if you mind these things so much. You may have a short talk with several drivers to bid with the fare and whoever has the best bid wins. This could also prevent you from being cheated on especially if you are new to the place.

Travel Tip 3: Expect the Misfortune
The way to the place where you would like to spend your vacation could not be exactly as what you have pictured on your mind. Incidents that could slow you to reaching your destination could come along your way. This too should not ruin your day. If you are smart enough, you would spend quality time when these things happen. Appreciate what’s around you and be forgiving.


Travel Tip 4: Be Watchful on Valuables

As a foreigner to the place like Costa Rica, you should be cautious with your valuables. Carrying large amount of cash in your pocket could make you a target of snatchers and thieves instantly. Make sure you only carry the amount of cash that you need on your pocket and keep the unneeded amount hidden. Credit cards should only be carried as the situation requires. Have a the best Malpais Hotel room or a vacation rental place that is safe to leave your belongings so you won’t have to carry all your things when you go somewhere else and to keep you from worrying as you enjoy the day.

Travel Tip 5: Spend Quality Time

Go to places that you are most interested in. There are some places where you could not explore every street and attraction such as Santa Teresa, Malpais, Montezuma and the like. If time does not permit you to go to all the attractions, pick the attraction that you like most and enjoy it. The all the others could be visited if there is still time remaining for your vacation. This would make your vacation worthwhile though your time is limited.

Glitches always happen no matter how enjoyable your vacation could be. Leave your worries at home, take precautions, read some travel tips, and make each minute you spend on vacation worth it. You could take on your worries when you get home though.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Low Budget Texas Weekend Getaway

Texas News- Planning a weekend get away with your family is quite expensive. You need to consider the location, hotel and activities. You must set your budget on how much you will going to spend in each factor. Fortunately, many popular weekend destinations in Texas offer free or low-cost attractions, allowing visitors to enjoy themselves without breaking the bank.

Ways to Save

Nothing can beat a perfect planning. If you want get save plan your trip early, search your destination and your hotel. Look for the cheaper one which features many of the same amenities you will see in the high class hotels. You can save more if you book in advanced. Many hotels give discounts and freebies if you book to them months before your date of arrival.


Austin is billed as the "Live Music Capital of the World. If you want to some fun in the night you should visit one of the famous bars in town. In the morning don't miss to see the Texas's grand Capitol building. There are many things you can do in Austin like strolling in campus of the University of Texas, where you can view gems and fossils at the Texas Memorial Museum or see a Gutenberg Bible and other rare manuscripts at the Harry Ransom Center. You can also take a short walk in the Mount Bonnell for an unparalleled view of Lake Austin and the surrounding hills. This is a good exercise and good for your body. Having a weekend get way like this makes you recharge and have a peace in your heart.

San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the towns in Texas where the admission in Alamo is free. You can also see many historical sites in here dated from 18th- and 19th-century. They still restore many famous buildings to value their ancestor's legacy. There are many activities you can do in here like taking a boat cruise; the cost is only $8.25 per adult. And don't miss Market Square, also known as El Mercado -- this Mexican market features vendors selling fresh produce, crafts and other goods at minimal prices, as well as a 24-hour Mexican bakery. To have a 360-degree view of the city, journey to the top of the Tower of the Americas. You can never be bored in here. There are many things that can make you feel relax and close to nature.


Galveston is known for its sand beach. If you want to go on swimming in you weekend gateway this is the perfect place for you. You can do swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing, and many others. If you don like to swim and only want to stroll the place you can also walk or bicycle along the boardwalk or fish for flounder, red fish, catfish and more along the municipal jetties. You can never run of things to do in here. In just a few dollars you can check the islands documentaries about history of hurricanes and pirates.

South Padre Island

Named one of America's best beaches for family travel by the Travel Channel. Travelers on a budget will appreciate its plethora of inexpensive accommodation options. It's a perfect place for those who want to have a weekend trip that is on a budget. You can still feel the breeze of the sea and never spend much.

Weekend gateway can make you recharge from too much work. It can help you relax and have some peace of mind. It should be done with your family to have some bonding time with them. Try Malpais beach in Costa Rica   for info visit

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Enjoy your Travel and Preserve Each and every Dollar

Holidays are meant to encourage pleasure and serenity. Think about in terms like vacations, visiting and there a grain burst upon your experience. Your thoughts get on to make amazing images. A record begins developing at the front side of your site and you will be gone on the globe of enjoyment. But, yes there is always a ‘but’ to think about. With visiting comes a lot of costs. Before you take a second believed in ‘to journey or not to travel’, we have a remedy for you. Yes, a remedy that will fix all your journey problems. Be a sensible journey and look up at the exciting journey provides out there in the exclusive world. And what better starting points your search is your very own Vouchercodes.Eu.Com. This is one exclusive screen that provides a whole option of holiday providers and provides that will make the journey a charge useful romance. This lower price relationship covers all your journey needs. Starting with option of location, online arranging, getting your perfect journey decoration, outfits to air travel, you name it and a variety of Travel Discount Vouchers are there looking forward to be chosen.

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Now if individuals grimace with the concept of preparing their vacations, you will be the one cheerful your way to wonder. Exclusive offers can get so better you might have never believed off. At Voucher Codes EU, we aim to make satisfied journey encounters. We know visiting is one type after a romance that one cannot bargain on the entertainment. There are offers that assurance that when you journey, every element is taken proper before you panel the journey. So jet-set and Vroom your way to the desired location

Author Bio:-
David Aura is a writer and guest blogger. He writes about information tips on travel. offer Boots Discount Vouchers and Boots Voucher Codes to save your money online.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Why France is on Top of the Vacation List

There are many countries voted by many as the best tourist destination in the world, but there is one particular country adored by the majority, France. Why? Let us enumerate some of these reasons.

Romantically Unique

Eiffel Tower

Blame it to the Eiffel Tower, their wines, the French language or their music; but there are plenty of places in France radiating that romantic ambiance. You can bring your loved one in a fancy restaurant and eat in a candlelight dinner together while you propose your eternal love for her or you can go tour one of its castles or cathedrals together. Most of the places in France are designed to promote intimacy and couples will appreciate sharing moments in its midst.

Historical Significance

Castles of France

The rise and fall to power of the Catholic Church, the battles and wars of the monarchy, the riots between the commoners and the aristocrats, the knights and the throne are just some of the tales associated with France. You have read their history in many historical books. It has been discussed in the academe. It has influenced the world and it is still influencing nations. People are interested to go and visit the place because of the evidences left by history in its territory. Standing on the ground where these monumental events took place is more than enough to convince anyone to save and choose France over other countries in the world.

Sumptuous Cuisines
French Sweets

If you are a pasta lover then it is impossible not to fall in love with France. Upon setting foot at Airports in France, you will be tempted to take a bite of authentic French cuisines offered by the best chefs in the region. You may need to spend quite an amount of money to satisfy your craving for these delicacies, but those who will be visiting France just once should savor every moment in its midst, which includes tasting the fines wine and the most delicious cuisines it offers.

Magnificent Landscape

The man-made towers, castles, chateaus, and cathedrals will surprise you, but the natural wonders of the place will mesmerize you. It has over 550 miles of coastline for those who loves to explore the beach, you have Mont Blanc for those who wish to enjoy the French Alps, you have the Loire Valley for those who wishes to take a bicycle tour of the region. The flowers, the valleys, the seas, the mountains, the marsh, and even the day and night sky will offer its beauty for free to all of the visitors of France. You can’t help but adore its splendor, so it is not a wonder if you will have hundreds of images stored in memory, in print, and in your gadgets after visiting this place.

About the Author
Shaiya Ong is a freelance writer for It offers tips and recommendations on how to make your adventure in France more convenient and enjoyable.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Top Four Visa Requirements and Guidelines

Traveling to other countries will require your visa and passport. The country your visiting need this to make sure you are a good person and a true residence of your own country.

Here are the lists you need to prepare if you are traveling on vacation in Malpais Costa Rica abroad.

1. Passport

This is the most important thing you need when you plan to visit other country. Make sure that it is valid for at least a year from the date of your application.

2.  Always be prepared

Check the list of the documents you need to prepare when applying for a visa. Provide an envelope for your requirements make sure you’re all your documents are crumpled free and look neat.

3. Money matters.

Prepare all the payments you need to make in your application. Check how much the application fee and order your demand draft accordingly. Make allowances for bank holidays and weekends and double check the amount.

4. Picture perfect.

Each country like Costa Rica has their set of rules regarding on the picture you need to show in your visa. You need to tell your Photoshop the country you will visit for them to know the right picture they will create from you.

Some consulates require an interview before processing a visa application. Make sure you clear your schedule for a couple of hours. Keep an extra copy of all your documents handy, just in case you happen to lose something.

Dress accordingly and look neat. Be smart in answering the consular. Be respectful.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Save on Your Travel by Going Green

Summer  is the most anticipated time for vacation of all. It is the time where we can hit the beach without worries that there might be some rain or storm. Students are on vacation from school. 

They can go to the beautiful Santa Teresa beach if their budget permits them.Even if we are on a summer vacation we should not forget to care to our mother nature. We should not put our garbage everywhere we like. We should put it in the proper recycle bins.

Here are the tips on how we can save more on our trip and at the same time we can protect our environment:

1. Pack light.

To help our environment from being polluted we should pack only what is essential. Leave all those things which are less important and don't bring any rubbish. The less we bring the more it easy for us to carry our luggage and also the less you bring aboard a plane, the less you’ll end up paying in bag fees.

2. Eat Local.

Try the local delicacies in the metro such as Santa Teresa Costa Rica where you are visiting. It’s a new experience and here you can save more on local food than hotel food. It is also best if you know some local language for you to easy communicate with the  beach locals.

3. Walk and bike around.

It is more Eco-friendly if you walk or bike when you stroll than use your car. Less pollution plus it is good in your body because you got exercise. Walking around the metro will give you the chance to see the better view of the Malpais beach.

4. Treat your hotel like home.

This means that you should save water and electricity in the Malpais Hotel. Restrict your water and energy usage, and be conscious of what you are  turning on and off. This goes without saying, just because you’re not paying the water or electricity bills, doesn’t mean you can run the tap however long you want or forget to turn the lights off.

Being on a vacation doesn’t excuse us from caring to our mother nature. We should reduce, reuse, conserve and recycle wherever we are.
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