Monday, 13 August 2012

Why France is on Top of the Vacation List

There are many countries voted by many as the best tourist destination in the world, but there is one particular country adored by the majority, France. Why? Let us enumerate some of these reasons.

Romantically Unique

Eiffel Tower

Blame it to the Eiffel Tower, their wines, the French language or their music; but there are plenty of places in France radiating that romantic ambiance. You can bring your loved one in a fancy restaurant and eat in a candlelight dinner together while you propose your eternal love for her or you can go tour one of its castles or cathedrals together. Most of the places in France are designed to promote intimacy and couples will appreciate sharing moments in its midst.

Historical Significance

Castles of France

The rise and fall to power of the Catholic Church, the battles and wars of the monarchy, the riots between the commoners and the aristocrats, the knights and the throne are just some of the tales associated with France. You have read their history in many historical books. It has been discussed in the academe. It has influenced the world and it is still influencing nations. People are interested to go and visit the place because of the evidences left by history in its territory. Standing on the ground where these monumental events took place is more than enough to convince anyone to save and choose France over other countries in the world.

Sumptuous Cuisines
French Sweets

If you are a pasta lover then it is impossible not to fall in love with France. Upon setting foot at Airports in France, you will be tempted to take a bite of authentic French cuisines offered by the best chefs in the region. You may need to spend quite an amount of money to satisfy your craving for these delicacies, but those who will be visiting France just once should savor every moment in its midst, which includes tasting the fines wine and the most delicious cuisines it offers.

Magnificent Landscape

The man-made towers, castles, chateaus, and cathedrals will surprise you, but the natural wonders of the place will mesmerize you. It has over 550 miles of coastline for those who loves to explore the beach, you have Mont Blanc for those who wish to enjoy the French Alps, you have the Loire Valley for those who wishes to take a bicycle tour of the region. The flowers, the valleys, the seas, the mountains, the marsh, and even the day and night sky will offer its beauty for free to all of the visitors of France. You can’t help but adore its splendor, so it is not a wonder if you will have hundreds of images stored in memory, in print, and in your gadgets after visiting this place.

About the Author
Shaiya Ong is a freelance writer for It offers tips and recommendations on how to make your adventure in France more convenient and enjoyable.


  1. Hello, Beautiful article about my country... Really I love it.
    It is also a famous place for fashion, Vuitton, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent...
    I love my Country for all that, for me, Living in the south, 10 minutes for mediterranean sea, 2 hours for the first mountains to go skiing :)

    1. Thanks! Your comment is much appreciated...


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