Saturday, 11 August 2012

Top Four Visa Requirements and Guidelines

Traveling to other countries will require your visa and passport. The country your visiting need this to make sure you are a good person and a true residence of your own country.

Here are the lists you need to prepare if you are traveling on vacation in Malpais Costa Rica abroad.

1. Passport

This is the most important thing you need when you plan to visit other country. Make sure that it is valid for at least a year from the date of your application.

2.  Always be prepared

Check the list of the documents you need to prepare when applying for a visa. Provide an envelope for your requirements make sure you’re all your documents are crumpled free and look neat.

3. Money matters.

Prepare all the payments you need to make in your application. Check how much the application fee and order your demand draft accordingly. Make allowances for bank holidays and weekends and double check the amount.

4. Picture perfect.

Each country like Costa Rica has their set of rules regarding on the picture you need to show in your visa. You need to tell your Photoshop the country you will visit for them to know the right picture they will create from you.

Some consulates require an interview before processing a visa application. Make sure you clear your schedule for a couple of hours. Keep an extra copy of all your documents handy, just in case you happen to lose something.

Dress accordingly and look neat. Be smart in answering the consular. Be respectful.

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