Monday, 6 August 2012

Save on Your Travel by Going Green

Summer  is the most anticipated time for vacation of all. It is the time where we can hit the beach without worries that there might be some rain or storm. Students are on vacation from school. 

They can go to the beautiful Santa Teresa beach if their budget permits them.Even if we are on a summer vacation we should not forget to care to our mother nature. We should not put our garbage everywhere we like. We should put it in the proper recycle bins.

Here are the tips on how we can save more on our trip and at the same time we can protect our environment:

1. Pack light.

To help our environment from being polluted we should pack only what is essential. Leave all those things which are less important and don't bring any rubbish. The less we bring the more it easy for us to carry our luggage and also the less you bring aboard a plane, the less you’ll end up paying in bag fees.

2. Eat Local.

Try the local delicacies in the metro such as Santa Teresa Costa Rica where you are visiting. It’s a new experience and here you can save more on local food than hotel food. It is also best if you know some local language for you to easy communicate with the  beach locals.

3. Walk and bike around.

It is more Eco-friendly if you walk or bike when you stroll than use your car. Less pollution plus it is good in your body because you got exercise. Walking around the metro will give you the chance to see the better view of the Malpais beach.

4. Treat your hotel like home.

This means that you should save water and electricity in the Malpais Hotel. Restrict your water and energy usage, and be conscious of what you are  turning on and off. This goes without saying, just because you’re not paying the water or electricity bills, doesn’t mean you can run the tap however long you want or forget to turn the lights off.

Being on a vacation doesn’t excuse us from caring to our mother nature. We should reduce, reuse, conserve and recycle wherever we are.


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