Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Eight Important Green Travelling Ideas

Eco-friendly travellers are what we should be. 

Here are travel strategies that we could employ to be a more environmental friendly traveller.

Travel as Light as Possible

When you carry light luggage’s, you would carry less weight and won’t have to use fuel for transporting those from time to time. As we know, carbon is emitted when fuel is burned and the result is air pollution.

Research Your Destination

Tourist spots would always impost rules and regulation to conserve the beauty of the sceneries. You could always check on the internet for the background of the place before travelling. Doing this would make you save money for fines and help conserving the environment. Also, choose hotels that go “green”. Check on the state department website which hotel is more earth friendly.

Use Public Transport

Carbon emissions would lessen if you travel with bus or trolleys from your hotel to restaurants, airports, malls, museums, and other attractions. This would make you enjoy the place more and see what is it to be a resident of the place that you are visiting.

Recycle Your Consumables

Hotel toiletries such as towels and sheets could be reused every day in a week. They don’t have to be sent to laundry daily. Room service is not necessary for this situation and this would help in conserving water. Shampoo bottles can be refilled and you won’t have to use the one that the hotel provided you which usually come in sachet – non-environment friendly. Water bottles can also be reused and make you save some money.

Energy Conservation

Turning off the light, air cons/heaters and other appliances in the place that you are staying would save a lot of energy. Though you are paying the electricity for the entire day, you should think that you should help in conserving the energy plus fire could emerge from overheated appliances.

Shop Sustainably

Buying local goods is helping the economy of the place that you are visiting – the least that you can do. When you buy local goods, imports are limited and this would mean saving fuel and less air pollution.

Fuel Efficient Transportation

Car rentals could save a couple of minutes to an hour in travelling in Texas. When you rent a car, be sure that the tires are inflated properly and must be fuel efficient. Also direct flights when travelling on plane would not only make you reach your destination faster but could also save fuel. Remember, less fuel consumption, less carbon emissions, less air pollution.

Use Green Technology

New inventions that are environment friendly are presented worldwide. Take time to see these inventions. Though it may cost you more, when you patronize these new inventions, you are helping the environment.


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