Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Taxi Travel Tips for your Costa Rica Holiday

Vacationers and travelers who will be on holiday on Malpais and Santa Teresa Costa Rica and will be riding those abundant red taxis service frequently that there is a recent fair increase.

Five colones additional charges for a taxi ride for the first kilometer of your travel. This is about $0.01 US dollars but if you continue to increase those mileages then this can become a substantial amount.

The recent fare hike from ¢ 585 to ¢ 590 was approved by the Regulatory Authority of Public Services (Aresep).

This increase is about 0.78% for those regular Red Fleet taxis and those Taxis that get costumers from Juan Santamaria International Airport have a lesser increase of 0.64%.

The resetting of taxi meters began on February and August each year. The calculation of the fare increase includes the driver’s wages, average fuel price and exchange rates.

All tourist as well as taxi riding public must always pay what is indicated on the meters because Local transportation agencies like(Aresep)  make sure that these Taxi meters are tamper proof and is working accurately.

There are no additional charges for tourist travelling at night but it is always safer to travel during day. Make sure to report the drivers for abuse and overcharging.

When entering the taxi make sure to check on your driver and always check if the meter has been reset or started. Unscrupulous drivers will try to scam you by intentionally forgetting to turn the meter on and will just try to estimate your fare when you arrived at your destination.

Always keep an eye on the meter and never ride a taxi with a faulty meter or a suspicious looking driver. Try to list the plate number of the taxi when you are travelling or try to text it to your friends. It will always come in handy when you forgot something like your passport or iPhone 5.

If you like the service of the driver and the taxi operator, you can always ask for their card or contact number for the next ride. Try to call them if they can be available for that time and location in your hotel in Malpais.

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