Sunday, 28 October 2012

Travel Tips WHAT NOT TO DO

Travel Tips Don'ts

People would always think of “things to do” when packing up, travelling, and choosing their trips. They might not miss anything on their luggage or their entire trip but their most awaited vacation could be ruined when they mess on simple things. Here are some things that you shouldn't do when travelling.

Week end holiday trips

When holidays fall on weekends, people would work late and go back early. This would make the airports congested and you should expect delays. Whenever possible try to book your flights on weekdays and not on weekends because this will save you from congested ports and traffic. Do not add up to the congestion of ports and streets.

Don’t pack your entire house

You don’t have to pack all the stuff in your closet. This will cost you more paying for the baggage fees. Just bring the things that you need. You don’t want to spend $25-$50 for your excess baggage. Whenever you’re short of clothes, you could always wash them.

Don’t get drunk and travel
If hangover strikes you, you will most likely to throw up than not when travelling. This happens mostly when having your trip towards home. People would likely to enjoy their last night of vacation with some alcoholic beverages. Things turn bad when you have too much of it. Worst is, if you will miss your flight because you over slept. Better to have the drinking session days before departure and not the night before.

Don’t assume empty parking lots on ports

Parking lots are filled faster during holidays. You may tend to drive around the parking lot for a couple of times to find a space. This would take some of your time so you should be early for your trip.

Don’t book your trip on the last minute

Last minute booking of trip during holidays would cost you a lot. Book your trip earlier so that you could avail discounts and assure that a seat is reserved for you. Flights could be fully booked by the time you’re about to have a late booking.

Don’t assume perfection on your entire trip

Glitches always happen. From the lost luggage, delayed flights, and traffic towards your most awaited vacation. During holidays, congested ports and streets are to be expected. People would try to enjoy their vacation but things could not always go with what’s on their head. These things could ruin your entire vacation so it’s best not to expect that your trip will go the way you wanted it to be.


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