Monday, 29 October 2012

Top Five Airport Travel Tips

Have you ever wondered why some people are just so calm on the airport while you are ridiculously cramming? The answer is that they are just prepared for the trip and glitches were avoided. How?

 Just read the following Airport Travel Tips

Pricey tickets

Schedule your trip ahead of time and choose the days that people are so busy for work that they have no time for vacation. You know that people would tend to get a trip during Fridays and Sundays.  Patterned trips of people was analyzed by the airlines and plane tickets would tend to have a price hike while plane tickets on weekdays such as Tuesday to Thursdays get the lowest price mostly. Try to book ahead of time and avail discounts. This would surely save a lot of money.

Flight schedule

People would likely to arrive on the airport 30 minutes before the flight because of traffic. The thing is some airlines choose to depart early than to have delayed flights. Why don’t you try to pack up a little more early and try not to miss your flight? Re-booking a flight would cost you more.

Extra baggage fees

Did you ever experienced having the greatest discount of your life but cost you more on the baggage fees? You tend to bring only a hand-carried bag but actually, this costs a little more pennies than checked in baggage. If ever you decide on what airline will you take or what discounted tickets will you buy, think of your baggage. Some airlines would charge fees for both hand-carried bags and checked in baggage. Choose the ones that do not have extra charges on hand-carried bags.

Luring announcements

How come that a plane experiences mechanical problems? Last minute passengers are always present so, airlines would tend to announce delays. You as a passenger would also tend to go somewhere else because you don’t want to just sit and wait. The thing is you might miss your flight because the plane was fixed earlier than the estimated time.

First flights

You know that first flights would likely to be delayed and to think that they have the cheapest plane tickets, you should have foreseen it. It’s not worth it to get angry on your delayed flight. Hey, you still got a discounted flight.

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