Sunday, 4 November 2012

Holiday with Kids in Austin Texas

Things to Do With Kids in Austin

Austin, Texas has many things to offer to its visitors as well as for its citizens. Being the center of Texas, attractions are to be expected to be at its finest in here. You don’t need to spend a lot for kids to be pleased, a cone of ice cream would even do the trick. Here are some attractions that you could bring your kids to for a treat. Enjoy the tour!

Austin  Zoo

Kids would always love to watch animal shows on TV. Why not treat them to the zoo? Aside from seeing the animals that they want, they could learn some other things. Zoos were not meant for sightseeing only, you know that. It also gives awareness to both your kids and you about the conditions of some animals with regard to its worldwide population.

Barton Springs

Kids always want to go on swimming. Packed with their very own swimsuits and trunks, they won’t mind traveling a couple of hours just to enjoy the natural spring. A couple of improvements were made to give more safety to its visitors. Be reminded that don’t let the kids swim alone.

Texas State Capitol

A walk with your kids on the State Capitol would give them information of how they should be proud of their state and be at awe. You know how kids love to see tall buildings; they’d wish they were giants.

State History Museum

Who doesn't like stuffed animals, arts, and an educational tour? Kids will surely appreciate a tour on the museum. They will always look for something that interests them. You too will enjoy the tour and will be educated.

Longhorn Caverns

Kids love adventures. Visiting the caverns on summer would be great to escape the heat. Aside from hiking up the hills, you’ll be the coolest mom or dad for your kid. You know how they appreciate nature and adventures, right?

Austin Lake

Catching a fish would mean so much for a kid. It’s like they’d celebrate for catching a small fish. The lake is always the best spot for fishing, especially when with you are with your family. You could also enjoy canoeing, diving, windsurfing, and swimming on the lake.

Ice Cream Festival

Sweet tooth! Even adults still has it. Candies, cakes, and chocolates are just some of the foods that kids would like to have. How much more with ice creams? Ice creams could even bring the family together on the table.

Chuy's Christmas Parade

This parade features giant balloons, floats, classic cars, marching band, and the most admired figure during this season, Santa Claus. Imagine the happiness and enjoyment you could give to your kids if you bring them here. It’s like the happiest day of their life. Old toys will be your entrance pass.

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