Friday, 2 November 2012

The Tipping Tips While in Holiday Traveling

Tipping Tips

Have you ever given a tip? Did you know that there are certain things that you should consider when giving a tip? The tip that you might be giving is below the recommended amount.

Here are the things that you should consider when giving a tip.

Know the tipping policy

Knowing the tipping policy of the establishment that you are in is important. Tipping is seen differently in every country like Santa Teresa and Malpais Costa Rica. Some appreciates it and others might get offended. Tipping could also give special treatment of other customers that is why there are establishments with no-tipping policy. Of course, if you are the employee, you will choose customers who give tips rather than those who do not. You do not want to be reprimanded by the management for giving a tip, don’t you?

Determine the “tippable” amount

Tipping is not just an ordinary gesture of saying thank you. Determining the tippable amount could give you a suggestion of how much you should give for the tip. The amount that you should give as a tip should be reasonable and appropriate with your expenditures.

Evaluate the Service

If you are not satisfied with the service, you don’t have to give a tip. You’ll be wasting your money in that case. Give tips to those who deserve to have it and only give if you are willing to give. If you don’t want to give, remember, you are not required to give tips.

Calculate the tip

Tips that should be given should be 10%-20% of your total expenditures. This might be your first time to come across this information but this is the recommended amount for tipping. The percentage varies on the service and personnel that you are tipping. Example, restaurant tipping percentage is different from hotels and taxis.

Give the exact amount

Not giving tips at all is better than giving tips and asking for a change. It could be the worst thing that you will do. Always have small bills or coins with you whenever you want to give tips. You don’t want to be mortified because of the tips, don’t you?

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