Thursday, 1 November 2012

Texas Travel Tips

Travel Tips
Texas has many different places that a tourist would love to go to. You may travel using different transportation  What really matters is that you enjoy your journey towards the location that you would like to visit. Here are some pros and cons on the type of transportation that you could use.

Tourists can have car rentals. You may go wherever you want to go but you should know the traffic rules and the area particularly. You don’t want to waste your time looking for the right direction I bet. So whenever you choose renting a car, have a map or GPS just in case you get lost in your driving.

Trains are best to travel with if you seek adventure or do not like congested roads. The thing is, when you reach your stop, do you really know where you are going. Only some people enjoy adventure during travelling with trains because the chance of getting lost in the middle of the city is high. You know what, adventure starts when you get lost in a large city, actually.

Busses are great for sightseeing. Aside from getting a free tour in the city, you get to mingle with the natives. They are cheap transportation but you should be aware of the bus stops. Be sure that your stop is on their route. You don’t want to walk on your own towards the location that you want to visit, don’t you?

It’s like a private ride. You’re lucky if you get the driver to tour you around the locations that you wanted to visit but this transportation would cost you a lot. Aside from the meter, you should give tip to the driver for touring you around.

People would like to travel from one place to another by plane. Aside from saving time, it’s more convenient than driving a very long road, not mentioning the drive during the night and stopovers in a motel and gasoline stations. But having planes, you would miss the scenic views along the road.

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