Saturday, 3 November 2012

My Taxi Travel Tips

Tips on Tipping a Cab 

Cabs or Taxis are the frequently used transportation of the tourists. Most tourists don’t know how to give tips on cabs that are adequate and with etiquette. Here are some few things to remember when giving tips on cab drivers. Always remember that when giving tips, it should be out of your willingness and know the timing, it might sound insulting to the driver if you don’t have the right timing.

Discussing the fare before riding would save you from a lot of annoying argument with the driver. Take time to ask for questions of how long will the ride be and how much will it cost you. Remember, not all cab drivers have good intentions.

Always secure you have enough cash on hand. It’s embarrassing to have a free ride with a cab. You’re supposed to treat the driver not the driver treating you, you’re the tourist remember that. The tip must be at least 10% of your fare. A little sign of gratitude of keeping you safe until you arrive on your destination.

You could always go beyond that 10% if you don’t mind being more generous. Being new to the place, your driver could give you a little tour in Malpais and some reminders for your safety plus, he gets to carry your bags.

Giving tips is not required but you’re a tourist, be generous. Tips could add to the salary of the driver. It won’t empty your pocket if you give some.

Giving tips with the fare would cause you less effort to look for smaller bills on your pocket. Always have small bills with you so you won’t have to ask for a change. Hey, it’s a tip and asking for a change is so embarrassing.

Informing the driver to “keep the change” would leave a smile on his face plus, he won’t have to count how much your change will be.  You can also get the change first then give some tips for the driver.

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